Capture Your Grief Day 15: Wave of Light

I wanted to give everyone some background on what Wave of Light is, since I did not know what it was until doing some research. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, with the actual remembrance day on October 15th. The idea behind Wave of Light is that, on October 15th, loss families, friends, and loved ones will light a candle, lantern, or anything of the sort at 7:00 pm local time. This results in a 24-hour wave of light that is lit in remembrance of babies that are gone too soon.

Brandon and I attended a support group some time ago, and were given white paper bags and tea lights for each baby we have lost. For a few weeks, I kept meaning to light them, but kept forgetting. I am grateful now that we have something significant we can light at 7:00 tonight.

If you'd like, join us tonight by lighting a candle, or even just flipping on a light, at 7:00 tonight. As you do so, remember the families that are lighting their own candles, and wishing they lived in a world where this day of observance didn't need to exist.