Capture Your Grief Day 29: Sunday Tribe Circle

My previous tribe circle posts have been about the children we've had and the medical staff we love. As we come to the end of the Capture Your Grief project, I want to devote this last tribe circle post to our children that have yet to come to us.

After we lost Carter, we had a lot of people tell us that we could always adopt (not a good line to say to a grieving parent, btw). That is definitely an option, but at this point, I can feel our children. I know, on whatever level, that they are out there, waiting to come to us. Maybe they will come to us through adoption. Maybe they will come to us biologically. However they get to us, I know that our little family is not yet complete. Not even close. Especially if you go off the number seventeen, which is how many kids I keep telling Brandon we are going to have.

I love our family, however non-traditional it may be. We're not done yet, though. And we look forward to our future children, no matter how many we get.