Capture Your Grief Day 3: Meaningful Mantra

Brandon and I love the movie Meet the Robinsons. The whole time we have been married, we have always quoted it, saying "Keep Moving Foward," but have been using the phrase much more since we lost Carter. So much, in fact, that the sweetest soul offered to paint a little sign for us, and now our mantra greets us each time we enter and leave our home.

Loss of any kind is something that people do not just "move on" from. Not the loss of a parent, spouse, child, or unborn child. You don't move on. Moving on implies that you grieve for a bit, then get over it. It implies that the hurt goes away and that eventually, you forget about the lack of that person in your life. I can only speak for myself, but I know for a fact that I will never "move on" from losing Carter and Little Bean and our little five day baby. I will never "get over" these losses. Yes, some days it may hurt less, but the hurt will always be there.

We say "keep moving forward" because it reminds us to keep going. Even if we are moving forward at a grudgingly slow pace, we are still moving forward. There is a reason to wake up each day. There is a reason to keep living. Even if the sole reason is that the cats need fed or the grass needs watered. There is always a reason to keep moving forward. We will never move on, but we can keep going each day with our babies in our heart, and a little touch of motivation just within reach.


Shout out to Julie for making this sign for us! You are the best, Julie!!