Fall colors in Utah.

This past weekend was a nice one! Friday night we watched Utah State beat BYU, then Saturday we drove up to Logan to see the babies and go to a baby shower. The colors in Sardine Canyon were so pretty! On the drive home, Brandon mentioned a drive called the Alpine Loop that he had heard about. We did that on Sunday and it made Sardine Canyon look like nothing!! It was seriously so pretty. We stopped probably five or six times to get out and take pictures; we just couldn't get enough!

There were so many people up there trying to take selfies with the colors in the background, and honestly my favorite part of that day was asking people if they wanted us to take a picture for them. I do not, by any means, have what it takes to be a photographer, but I understand why people do it! It was so fun to be able to capture that moment for them. Now just get ready for a picture overload, because there are a lot of them! (and if you still haven't seen enough colors, watch our newest vlog here!)