Nine Months With Hudson

NINE MONTHS!!! The last nine months have gone at a really great pace; not too fast, not too slow. But it’s weird to think that in only three months he’s going to be one. I swear, it was just Christmas and he was only six months old. Each month just keeps getting more and more fun, though. As he develops and gets more interactive, we keep having the best times. He really is so great!

We had his nine month appointment earlier today and were surprised by his stats!! At his six month appointment, he was in the 11th percentile for weigh, 0 percentile for height, and 57th percentile for his head. Things have changed so much!! He weighs 17 pounds 1 oz (5th percentile), is 27 inches tall (12th percentile!!), and is in the 33rd percentile for head. He has only grown three inches, but that made a big difference in the percentiles, which is good! And it’s normal for babies to thin out as they start getting mobile, which he definitely has! Around my birthday he finally started to be able to scoot forward instead of only going backwards. I thought he’d be crawling by the end of my birthday weekend, and it only took him a bit longer than that! Early last week he started to crawl with purpose. It only took him about two days of crawling to realize that he could finally get where he wants to go by himself. We put the baby gate up over the weekend because he got really fast very quickly.

He’s still not eating any solids besides purees and mashed bananas, but his doctor assured me today that he’ll get there and that I don’t need to worry. My sister-in-law also gave me a lot of good ideas of different things to try that aren’t just baby purees, so I’m excited to see how he likes those.

Dad is currently his favorite, and the best part of his day is when dad gets home from work. But when it’s time for a bottle and bed, he always reaches for me, which is super sweet. He’s my little buddy and I absolutely love spending all day with him. Like most parents (probably), I really miss him when he goes to bed. I always tell Brandon how I want to go wake him up, or at least hold him while he sleeps, but I always resist the temptation!

Hudson has started sleeping SO well! Last night he slept from 7:45 until 6:45 this morning, had three ounces of milk, then went back to sleep until 8:00 when I finally woke him up. Normally I would have just let him sleep, but I wanted to make sure he was on a good schedule for his appointment. Joke was on me, because I still had to wake him up from his first nap! I’m just hoping his night sleep continues to be so good.

I think that’s everything for this month’s update. He really is just so much fun, and I can’t wait to keep watching him grow!