Vegas vacation.

For some reason this year I didn't want to spend my birthday weekend at home. I somehow convinced my friends (not that it was hard) to go to Vegas for the weekend, and I'm so glad we did! Some highlights....

  • Naked City Pizza at Moondoggie's. This place was on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, and it is so good. We ate there the first time we went, and I'm so glad we went back.
  • The button operated curtains in our hotel room at the Bellagio. I've never felt swankier in my whole life.
  • Jean Phillipe in the Bellagio. We ate there for breakfast and dinner on Saturday, and it was so freaking good. I had crepes both times, and my only regret is not going back for more.
  • Our lyft driver to the MGM on Saturday was ridiculous. He tried to drive down this little one-way alley that was lined with cars (I finally had to just tell him to turn around and go back the way we were supposed to), then took us off course of the map because he said it would get us there faster (why don't old people trust Google Maps???), and kept saying "I'm trying to get your there fast, I know you girls just want to have a good time." It was the most awkward ride of my whole life haha.
  • The heated pool that was warmer than it was outside. It was probably 70 degrees on Saturday, but it was so windy!!
  • People watching on the strip is the best.
  • I think we took more naps on this trip than I ever have on any vacation in my whole life haha. Welcome to 26, I guess.
  • We got shakes from Ghiradelli and I haven't stopped thinking about mine since.

The weekend was honestly just the ultimate girl time. We had ten hours of driving, during which we talked the entire time, and spent a lot of time in the hotel room just chatting. We went to Vegas to go dancing, but honestly I had so much fun just being with my girls that it didn't really matter what we did. Thanks for the fun weekend, ladies!