Eight Months With Hudson

Eight months!! Holy moly! I can’t believe Hudson has been here for this long. It has gone fast, but not too fast. I think it’s going at the perfect speed actually. We are enjoying every single day and love watching him grow and develop. Honestly though, I don’t even know where the last month has gone. It seems like just last weekend he turned seven months. I’m trying to think about big things that have happened this month, and it’s hard because that’s how fast time has gone.

He’s still not crawling, but that’s okay! He’s gotten really good at scooting around in circles, and can unintentionally scoot backwards very well. He gets really frustrated that he can’t crawl, especially when I’m making him do tummy time and all he wants to do is crawl into my lap. He’ll just scoot in a circle until he reaches my leg, then lay his head down on whatever part of me he can get to haha.

We’re also still looking on solid foods. Meal time isn’t as rough as it used to be; he’ll at least open his mouth for food now. But he’s still very picky about the texture of things that go in there. Sometimes I’ll try and sneak a tiny piece of a puff in with the soft food to start getting him used to other textures, and he hates it. The only kind of chunkiness he can handle anymore is banana. So we’re just sticking with that. He still doesn’t have any interest in feeding himself either. He’ll play with food all day long, but when it comes to putting his hand to his mouth, it’s a definite nope. And I’d say that maybe it’s because he’d rather have me feed him, but history has shown that he doesn’t like that either, so who the heck knows.

Hudson and I both got sick a couple weeks ago, which interrupted his sleep for a few days, but I think we’re back on track. Last night he slept from 7:15 to 5:30, then went back to sleep from 5:45 to 7:30! It was awesome! The nights that he sleeps well seem to be the nights that Brandon and I sleep terribly though haha. We just got a new bed and we’re still getting used to it. But anyway, that’s not about Hudson. Other than the fact that part of the reason we got the new bed was because the queen got really cramped when he was in it with us.

His favorite toys currently are the rings from his ring stacker, this random egg carton toy that Brandon’s parents got for him, his green elephant that he loves to kiss, and the tags on literally anything. Oh and spoons. Spoons are still a big hit. He’s a weird kid. Bath time is a big hit too. We start them out with him sitting up so he can play with his toys, but when we lay him back he gets so excited because he knows he can splash. And boy can he splash!

Current nicknames are Hugson, boo boo, mr. boo boo, homer, homer j., tiny, chunka-chunk, mr. baby, mr. blue eyes (we’re very proper in our house), tiny baby, and probably a few others that I can’t think of because they are all seriously so ridiculous. We also frequently make up songs to the tune of Christmas carols or Disney songs and sing them to him. My current favorite is singing about his toes to the tune of Part of Your World.

The more I type some of this, the more I realized I should probably stop blogging. We are such a weird family.

But really though guys, Hudson is so much fun. Every stage just gets better and better. We’re really looking forward to him learning to crawl so we can play even more. I’m so grateful for him, and I’m so glad that he’s here.

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