Eleven Months With Hudson

Two whole months since I last blogged…I think that might be a record! There are so many reasons for my lack of posting that I may or may not go into later. First, Hudson is a madman and keeps me moving! When he goes down for naps, all I want to do is sit and stare mindlessly at my phone or the tv. Second, we have been really busy lately with house stuff, backyard stuff, going out of town, planning Hudson’s birthday party, and spending time with FRIENDS! I still can’t get over the fact that we have the best people living near us. I love all our neighbor friends so much, and we spend a lot of time with them! Third, Hudson went through two different weeks of awful sleep, but I’ll dive into that more later. Fourth, there has been a lot of stuff going on in the news that has me all sorts of emotional. I know my emotions are what fuels this blog, but some things are probably better not said. Anyway, let’s move onto the fun stuff!!

The last time I posted, Hudson had just barely started crawling. Fast forward two months and he is FAST. Like, really quick. He also can go up the stairs, which he has been doing for a while now, but he still doesn’t understand how to go down. He pulls himself up on everything, and loves to cruise along couches or transfer from standing in one place to another. He has been walking holding onto our hands since he was about five months old, but he’s still not super close to walking. His balance isn’t super great unless he has both hands on something. We try to get him to walk holding onto us with just one hand, but he just laughs awkwardly and looks scared until we take his other hand. It kind of sounds sad when I explain it like that, but it’s actually really funny. The kid is constantly moving though. Unless he’s tired or distracted by a toy, he just goes and goes. He likes to play with the toy part of his walker, but even then he is moving from foot to foot or standing up on the wheels. I do think he’s starting to figure out that he can actually walk with it though!

A few days after my last post, he started eating solids besides purees! We made waffles for dinner one night and I thought I would give him a piece to try, even though I was certain that he would gag and throw up, but he didn’t! And ever since then we’ve been on a roll. He will eat basically anything; at least we haven’t found anything he doesn’t like yet. He’s particularly fond of strawberries and bread of any variety, which is not surprising considering who his parents are. He’s still learning to drink out of a straw, but he does well when I give him drinks from the bottom of my straw, if that makes sense. We’re still working on him feeding himself. I have started to have him feed me, so I’m hoping that eventually he’ll understand that he can put food in his own mouth. It has been so much fun watching him try new things! Nothing really seems to phase him, so that’s good!

Hudson is so ridiculously vocal lately, and that is probably my favorite thing about this stage. He just yells or babbles all the time, even when he’s eating. When he’s playing, he’ll stare up at the light or out the window and yell and yell and yell at nothing until he decides he’s done. And he just makes the weirdest noises. I can’t even explain them but they are so funny! Whenever we are around other people or little kids, he has a tendency to yell until they pay attention to him. Our neighbors have a few little kids and he loves them so much, even though he can’t run around and play with them. His way of being involved is yelling and then smiling at them when they finally stop to look at him. It’s so cute. You can tell that he’s really excited to be a big boy some day.

His sleep has been amazing for he last two months, with the exception of two five-day stints. We went to Boise in April and while we were there, he started to have a hard time being put down by himself at night. The first night we were there he was awake from 3 am to 6 am and it was just not great. It carried over into the few days following our trip, but somehow resolved itself. And then two or so weeks later it happened again. We hadn’t gone out of town, he just stopped being able to fall asleep on his own. It would take us an hour or more to get him to fall asleep, and more than once we just gave up and let him fall asleep in our arms. Luckily we’re back to normal and he is sleeping as well as he was before.

He also has two teeth!! When we were in Boise, we all of a sudden noticed that they he had teeth. One minute they weren’t there, and the next they were! It was crazy! His top two teeth are about to pop through too. I can see a little white part poking through on one side, so it’s only a matter of time.

I can’t believe he’ll be one in a month. The last five months have gone so ridiculously fast, but each month has also gotten better and better. He’s so much fun to be around and is making us laugh constantly. Honestly there is no one I’d rather spend a whole entire day with (except probably Brandon). He just really is so fun. Between his random yelling and crawling into his teepee to play peek-a-boo, he just has the best personality. The next update you’ll get will be after his first birthday!!