52 Lists - Week 13

Last week's list was a really good one, in my opinion. It asked for a list of things I can control. In the challenge box, it said to cross off anything that involves other people, because when it comes down to it, we can't control anything coming from other people. At first I disagreed, because I was thinking that we can control our emotions when confronted by other people, but that's not always true. Sometimes people do things that upset us, no matter how hard we try to not let them affect us. I may not always be able to control my reactions to other people, but I can control my perception of what they are saying. I should be able to control whether I hold onto what they do/say or let it go. Sometimes it's harder than others, but that is the extent that I can control my emotions when it comes to other people.

Other things I can control include my schedule, stress level, and happiness. My schedule really affects the other two things. If I'm ever feeling super stressed or less than happy, all it takes it a little restructuring. Obviously that's easier for me now that I'm not working, but it's possible to restructure while working too. Whenever I was feeling blue, I would take extra time to go for a walk after work, or do something that made me happy. Spending time with family and friends can help with my happiness too, but in the end, it's entirely up to me.

The most important thing on the list of things I can control is my actions and attitude toward others. Even if someone really ticks me off, I can control how I react to them outwardly. I might still be upset internally, but that doesn't mean I have to react poorly. I really think that treating others with kindness is what matters most, and I honestly think that might be the only thing that I have full control over. I will always react to people and situations around me, but the way I treat other people does not have to change based on everything going on around me. Even if I'm stressed and having a bad day, I can still be nice to people.

I feel like this post was a little jumbled...sorry! I'm super tired today. This next week's list asks for things I am passionate about! Is anyone following along and at least thinking about the prompts each week? I'd love to know what you are thinking!



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