52 Lists - Week 18

Last week's list was pretty empowering. The prompt asked me to list things about myself that I don't need to change. And the first thing that came to mind was:


I don't need to change anything abut myself. I mean yes, there are a few small things that I could probably stand to do better or do differently but overall I am very happy with the person I am and have become. I am caring, strong, kind, empathetic, organized, considerate, patient...among other things. I'm not quite sure when I got to this point, but I am actually confident in who I am. I have my insecurities still, but in light of everything, they seem so insignificant. 

Looking back on all my younger years, I'm forced to appreciate where I am at right now. For so long I struggled to be happy with who I was, but now, I feel pretty good about it.



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