52 Lists - Week 15

Last week's list asked me to make a list of things I want to say no to. I used to be the worst at saying no. I have always been one to go out of my way to please others, even if that means putting myself under too much pressure. After a heavy bout of depression in college, I started to learn that it was okay for me to say no, or to take myself out of situations that I didn't want to be in. After we lost Carter, that idea got driven in even more. I dealt with a lot of social anxiety and had to learn that it was okay for me to say no to social situations and take time for myself. 

My social anxiety has improved, but there are still some times that I have to say no for my own mental health. But there have also been so many times that I choose to say no to my social anxiety. I have gotten to a place where I control my grief and anxiety more than they control me, and sometimes (not all the time) I'm able to say no when the feelings come at a bad time. 

Some days my ability to say no to certain things varies, but I think it's important that we say no when we want or need to. Having the ability to say no isn't something that comes easy to everyone, but it's a liberating skill to learn! 



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