Adults Are Tired

I've talked multiple times on here and on the vlog about how I have had so many stressful dreams during this pregnancy. Lately the dreams have been less terrifying and just stressful, and they've even started to limit themselves to just a couple times a night, not the whole time! I still wake up sweaty, but now it's just one time, not multiple times. 

Last night I had a dream that Brandon was mad at me for sleeping so much. He woke me up before he left for work, told me that I was the laziest person he knew, and that I needed to get a job. When I told him I was so tired he just said "adults are tired. that's life." For some reason, Brandon is never nice in my dreams haha. But this morning when he actually woke me up before leaving, he told me to go back to sleep, and I told him I was afraid he'd be mad if I did! Lucky for me, he would never be angry for sleeping, especially while I'm pregnant, but it still took me a while to fall back asleep!

I still can't get over the fact that I have less than nine weeks of this kind of exhaustion left. I know we'll be even more tired once Hudson gets here, but we are both really looking forward to it! We have had too many nights without sleep due to losing babies, so it will be really nice to lose sleep to one that is at home with us. Yesterday I read the 28 week update on the app I use, and it said that loss of sleep is common during the third trimester, and that if you find yourself unable to sleep, don't get up and be productive, no matter how badly you want to. So what did I want to do last night when I couldn't fall back asleep after a bathroom trip? Clean. Or organize. Or just something! But I resisted and just cuddled with a kitty until I was able to fall back asleep.

Anyway, this post really has no meat to it. I'm just so excited to be in the third trimester, and that much closer to not sleeping again for the rest of my life. Only 62 days!!