52 Lists - Week 14

Last week's list asked me to make a list of things I feel passionate about, and then make time for those things. Luckily for me, the things I feel passionate about are things I already do super frequently. 

The biggest thing I am and have always been passionate about is being kind to others. Empathy and happiness not at the expense of others is important to me. Being aware that literally every person in the world has something to deal with, and that I can do my part to not worsen their day by being kind. Those are things that I have always been passionate about. Since losing our babies, I've been able to use those passions to help others that are in our situation, and I'm able to do it through writing, which is another passion of mine. 

There are other passions of mine that I get to enjoy on a daily basis, such as my marriage, friendships, relationships with family, loving on the cats, and trying to live a life that my babies would be proud of. Even though my passions don't bring us any income, I am lucky that this is what I get to do on a daily basis. Being able to pursue my own personal passions while helping others is the best way I can think to spend my days, and I can't wait to help our kids find their passions and teach them how to use them for good.



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