Babymoon in San Francisco

I feel like it has been a minute since I've put together a travel post! We hadn't gone on a trip since October, and it was so nice to get out and go somewhere different! Brandon left late Monday night to go to California for work, and I flew out Wednesday afternoon to join him. I hate flying by myself, I don't know how people do it all the time! But we both made it safely and happily, and we met at the rental car lot! I was so excited to see him, I couldn't stop smiling. Anyway! We got our rental car and drove to Sausalito. We had never been before and had heard good things, so we parked in town and walked to find some dinner. We ate at Barrel Tavern, which was super tasty, and also had an amazing view of San Francisco as the sun set! On our walk back to the car we passed a toy store that had biplane kites hanging from the ceiling! They were closed, so we just stopped outside to take a picture, and the girl that had just closed up came and opened the door for us so we could get a better look! I held it together while we were talking to her, but immediately started crying when we walked away. It was just so nice.

We stayed with some friends just outside the city and stayed up late that first night catching up. I woke up bright and early the next day, ready to party, only we had a slight mishap. We had parked our rental car in our friends second garage and locked it without thinking, so Thursday morning we were locked out of the garage! Our friends had already left, but they didn't have a key for the garage anyway, and kindly went completely out of their way to get the key from the landlord that morning. So for the first half of the morning, while we didn't have a car, we walked to breakfast, then walked to Lands End, which was beautiful!! We had never been out there before, but it was just so peaceful. 

Once we got the car out of the garage, we drove to Coit Tower and went all the way up to the top! We also drove down Lombard Street on our way there. After Coit Tower, we went to a restaurant in Little Italy that our friends suggested to us and it was so good. I have been craving it every day since we got home. They were literally making the pasta in the kitchen, and we could see it happening! After lunch (and dessert) we met up with Kayla to take a ride on her favorite trolley line. The last time Brandon and I were in San Francisco we did a line that was super touristy, and this one took us right down into the Financial District, so we got to see a new part of the city we had never seen before! We got off the trolley and wandered through the Ferry Building Marketplace before taking the trolley back up to where we started.

That evening we tried to find some rooftop gardens, but were only able to find one before the businesses closed. But the one we did get to see was so pretty, and gave us a really great view of the city! We walked around until it was time for dinner and then went to a burger place that our friends love. It's called Super Duper, and it was indeed super duper! By the end of the night, I was super exhausted, but we'd had such a fun day! We walked over eight miles and fifty flights of stairs, which is (by our definition) a very productive day of vacation! 

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