52 Lists - Week 11

I am a little behind this week with my list! Brandon and I have been busy enjoying each other's company, so blogging has taken a backseat!

Last week's list asked for things that made me happy as a child. The things I could remember were things like dancing, reading, singing, going to movies, hanging out with friends, and a few others. I feel like the reason I could remember those specific things is probably because they still make me happy today! The list challenged me to pick one of those things and do it, but those are things I still do anyway!

Being a grown up is pretty lame sometimes, so I don't think there's any harm in child like innocence and fun. Which is why we go to Disneyland so often. Life is stressful, so we might as well do things we enjoy when we have the time. 

This week's prompt asks for a list of people who make me happy. See you next time!

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