25 Week Bumpdate

March 27, 2018

Hi little man! This week has been pretty fun with you! You have been moving a ton, all throughout the day! I get to wake up to you moving, and then you go crazy right before we fall asleep at night. It’s so much fun!

We had an appointment yesterday with the doctor, and then had an ultrasound this morning. The appointment was really, really good. We talked a lot about the things we will be watching for to make sure you are still growing, and came up with a plan for appointments from here on out. Starting now, we will see the doctor every two weeks, and we’ll do an ultrasound every month to check your growth and make sure you are still on track. Today’s was the first ultrasound we’ve had since the anatomy scan where they measured you, and you were right where you are supposed to be! You were being pretty stubborn though. We just wanted to see your face!! You were super wiggly too still, which is not surprising. We love it, though!

Other than the appointments, this week has been uneventful. Just like the others, and just how we like it! Dad and I have spent a lot of time relaxing, since the weather has been crummy, and we’ve spent a lot of time in the nursery too. We’re getting really excited to start decorating your room and washing all your clothes! We have a whole drawer in the dresser that is full of clothes we have bought just for you. There’s a lot of Disney clothes, so hopefully you’re ready to be as big of fans as we are!

We love you, little man. Keep growing, and we will see you in a few weeks!

How far along: 25 weeks!!
Baby is the size of: cauliflower!
Total weight gain: 16 pounds.
Maternity clothes: Yep! They are comfy!
Sleep: Sleep has been rough this week. I have been having so many bad dreams. So I fall asleep late, and then sleep in too late. Not good!
Best moment this week: Getting to see you again today, and also making a plan for the next twelve weeks.
Movement: So much. I love it!
Food cravings: French toasts from Ihop. Turns out it’s REALLY good.
Anything making you queasy or sick: If I look at my phone too much while we’re driving.
Have you started to show yet: The doctor yesterday said “you’re starting to get a little bump.” I was like...uh…..I’ve been showing for a while now but thanks haha.
Happy or Moody most of the time: So moody. Just tired and hungry and angry all the time.
Looking forward to: Something fun your dad and I have planned for next week!

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