Capture Your Grief Day 12: A Day to Shine

I'm changing this one more to "a day to beam" because I think we deserve that, even in the midst of our grief. There have been days since losing Carter that have been ridiculously good. The day we found out we were pregnant with little bean, for example. Sometimes I have a good day and feel so incredibly guilty. Other times, on those good days, my heart is full and I can feel my babies close. There is no guilt that clouds the happiness that I am allowed to feel. 

Sometimes I think we (as humans in general not just as loss parents) find one reason or another to tell ourselves that we shouldn't have a good day. Or we find some aspect of our day that makes it a bad day. Not every day will be stellar, heck not every day will even be good. Bad days are normal. And sometimes, frankly, I love them, because they give me a reason to sit in front of the tv all night with Ben & Jerry, my two favorite men besides Brandon and Milo.

But we can't be afraid to give ourselves a day to shine. They don't take away from the hurt we feel, but some days, it's okay to feel the hurt a little less.