Capture Your Grief Day 5: Soul Therapy

Rather than go into detail about things I do for my "soul therapy," I'm just going to make a list. Please note: some of these things are not the healthiest things, and I am okay with that.

  1. Cry
  2. Exercise
  3. Laugh
  4. Eat
  5. Eat ice cream
  6. Play with the cats
  7. Play with puppies (shout out to our neighbors for having puppies)
  8. Girl time with my besties
  9. Disneyland
  10. Heart to hearts with other loss moms
  11. Write
  12. Snuggle other people's babies
  13. Hang out with my favorite children
  14. Shopping
  15. Actual therapy
  16. Throw soft things at the wall
  17. Take a bath
  18. Nap
  19. Watch a funny movie
  20. Go shopping with Brandon
  21. Work on a project around the house
  22. Clean
  23. Plan a vacation
  24. I almost just put Disneyland here again on accident 
  25. Drink water
  26. Go to Costa Vida
  27. Go for a walk
  28. Walk around the lake with Brandon
  29. Make a to-do list and get shiz done
  30. Organize literally anything; pantry, dressers, cupboards, movies, etc.

I'm sure these are not all the things I do to cleanse my soul, but each of these things definitely help. They don't all work every day, and sometimes, none of them work. I think the most important thing is that I really listen to my body, heart, and mind, and do whatever feels right to help me cope and get through the day.