Capture Your Grief Day 24: Capture This Moment

This prompt is the reason we started vlogging. Not because we read this and decided we should do it, but because looking back, there are so many moments we wish we would have captured on camera. We feel like we are at a very pivotal point in our life where things could go so many different ways, and we wanted to start documenting it all a little more than just in words. We bought a camera at the end of June, and we have been a lot better about taking pictures. Now that we are vlogging, we almost always have the camera on us, and that has forced us to be better about documenting things! It will always be more important to me that we live in the moment, and if capturing so much of our lives starts to take away from that, then we will stop. But there have been too many times in the past year that I have wished we had documented more of each pregnancy. Life is fleeting, and capturing every moment, happy or sad (on camera or off) is something we have been and will continuing to be trying to do more each day.