Capture Your Grief Day 22: Sunday Tribe Circle

Another Sunday Tribe Circle post, but this one goes out to a different sort of family we acquired after we lost Carter.

Certain things in life will bond you to people forever, and losing a child is one of those things. We had to switch doctors about halfway through our pregnancy with Carter, and now, I can't imagine having anybody else go through this with us. He has been there for each of our losses, everything I've been though postpartum, and is always willing to spend more time with us in appointments to answer questions.

The nurses that were with us during our delivery are the best nurses I could have asked for during that time. I know I wrote about them last year, but we are still so grateful for the way they delicately handled our situation, and how fiercely protective they were of us. Brandon and I have talked multiple times about how we hope they can be there for our next delivery; we wouldn't want anyone else.

When I showed up at the doctor's office the day I started miscarrying, the lady at the front desk immediately let me in the back way, gave me a huge hug, and walked me back without even asking him if he could see him. The two nurses there (different than the two at the hospital) came in and gave me hugs as well. The ultrasound tech we saw while we were pregnant with Carter knows who we are, and she talks about our babies every time we see her.

The staff at our doctor's office and the hospital have become another family to us. I have so much love and appreciation for them that I really could go on forever (this is the first time you're hearing about how much I love my doctor, right?). All I know is that sometimes, family comes to us in the most unexpected of ways.