52 Lists - Week 17

I just realized that I'm a week behind on these, so you might end up getting a double dose this week. Actually, what I think happened was that I started sharing the lists a week after I wrote them, but now I'm just confused so who knows.

ANYWAY. Last week's list asked for tv shows, movies, and books that make me happy. This one was pretty easy, because I only watch and read things that makes me happy (which makes sense, right?). We really do just watch funny shows together. Designated Survivor is the most serious show that we watch, but besides that everything is just funny. Same with movies too. I can't really do scary movies or super serious movies. I have been that way for a long time, but especially since losing Carter, I just would rather watch things that leave me happy and light.

It is the same with books too, although I can be a little more lax with those. I read a super intense book a few months ago, and I don't think I will do that again. It was a good book, but it left me feeling a little dark haha. I do just love books though, they make me very happy.

Every day my goal is to be done with all my chores by 4:00 so I can sit down and watch Ellen. Her show makes me laugh at least once every single day without fail, and just makes me so happy. So even if I don't have time for any other shows or books during the day, Ellen always has my back! 

This was probably a boring list for you, but I love watching tv, so it was kind of awesome for me haha. If you have any shows like Modern Family, Parks & Rec, The Office, New Girl, or things like that, let me know! We need a new show to watch!



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