19 Week Bumpdate

February 13, 2018

Little man!!

We did it! We made it halfway! Friday at noon (arbitrary time but oh well) marked halfway to our 37 week mark, when you will likely be induced. THANK GOODNESS. I am so ready to get to thirty weeks, holy moly. I feel like my anxiety is going to keep going up and up, but right now I’m feeling pretty good. You are healthy and MOVING! And there’s not much more we could ask for at this point. Nineteen weeks! Woohoo!

Speaking of you moving, you are going crazy in there! Dad got to feel you move for the first time last week, even though your kicks were just teeny tiny. Sometimes I had to tell him when they were your kicks versus just a bubble or my heartbeat, but other times he could tell! Turns out you really like mexican food, which doesn’t surprise me, since that’s most of what I have eaten this pregnancy. I had a frozen burrito for lunch last week and you went nuts! You seem to like burritos way more than you like ice cream. But I do have to say that I appreciate your wide variety of taste. Ice cream, mexican, pancakes, citrus...it’s a pretty healthy balance. Actually, maybe healthy isn’t the right word. Good balance. Anyway.

We went up to Boise for your grandpa’s fiftieth birthday, and you got all sorts of loved on. Since I’m actually showing now, people were pretty excited to see the little bump, and also talk about your name! I love it! You have some a presence already and you’re not even here.

We have one week until our big anatomy scan at maternal fetal, then we’ll have another appointment the next week with the regular doctor. I went in yesterday to just go get my blood drawn, and almost felt like I needed to go upstairs and say hi to everyone since it has been two weeks since we last saw them! Not only do you have an awesome biological family, but your family of medical staff is pretty amazing too. You are already so loved!

Alright bud, stay safe in there, and keep kicking away. I can’t wait to feel your movements get stronger over the next little bit, and to see your face next week! We love you!

Baby is the size of: a mango!
Total weight gain: Ten pounds still. My weight gain has definitely slowed down since the first trimester, thank goodness! Although I’m not sure how, since I’ve been eating way more food...
Maternity clothes: Not quite. I’m hoping that the weather will warm up quickly enough that I can just jump from leggings to dresses.
Sleep: It’s getting so much better! I am still really tired, but I am sleeping so well.
Best moment this week: Dad getting to feel you more than once!!
Movement: So much! You are so active!
Food cravings: More pancakes please.
Anything making you queasy or sick: One day last week I got super hungry and felt a little queasy, but that’s it!
Have you started to show yet: Definitely. I love it!
Gender: BOY!!!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy, most of the time!
Looking forward to: One more week until our anatomy scan!