52 Lists - Week 2

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We've come to the end of my reflection time for the second week's list! And I literally just realized that I probably should be doing these on Mondays, because that might make more sense but oh well. So I completed this list on the second Sunday of the year, and gave myself a week to reflect, which means that when you read this post, we're actually at the end of the third week of the year. Clear as mud? Alright, let's move on!

This week asked me to list the routines in my work and personal life. As soon as I read the prompt, I felt really disappointed, because I knew I wouldn't have a lot of things to write down. I quit my job, and don't feel like there is much routine in my personal life. I started out feeling really downtrodden, and afraid that this week's list would make me feel like I was moving backward. But as I wrote down the few routines I do have, I noticed that none of the routines I have make me unhappy. A month ago, I would have written down a few things that stressed me out. Work, lack of time to do things around the house after work, less time with Brandon, and less time to focus on the blog, youtube, and other personal hobbies.

While I may not have a lot of routine in my life, I do have a few that bring me so much joy. I get to snuggle with the cats every morning after Brandon leaves for work. When he gets home, Brandon and I have so much time to catch up on our days, because all the housework and side jobs get done before he gets there. And we are able to go visit the babies, which isn't a daily routine, but something we do often enough that it can be considered routine. These are all good routines, ones that I look forward to, and I am so grateful for that.

All that being said, I have tried to give myself more routine since completing this week's list. I have tried to get out of bed a little earlier, shower at the same time each day, and make some time to unwind and have a snack while I watch Ellen every day. I've learned that it's not about how many routines I have, but the amount of happiness they bring me.

Week three asks for a list of things I am good at. Make your list, and come back next week for a discussion!