Working on my Happiness

One of my goals during this pregnancy is to work on being happy and content. Actually, that might be my only goal. I know that stress and grief didn't cause our previous losses, but I wanted to make sure it didn't happen again. Plus, pregnancy after loss is stressful enough, I don't need any excess stress! That's why I quit my job, and why I've been doing the 52 lists project. So far I do feel like I'm happier. It's probably because I'm pregnant, and even though I'm scared, it's hard to not be happy while pregnant, but I also feel like the work I'm putting into it is paying off.

All that being said, I should give the caveat that there are still going to be some emotional posts on here. Some of them were written before we found out we were pregnant, and some will be written that day. Being so open and honest with my emotions has been therapeutic for me, and I've been told it helps others, so that's what I'm going to continue to do. The emotional posts don't necessarily mean I'm having a bad day, and they don't mean that I'm not excited to be pregnant, they just mean that I have a lot of emotions haha.

This weekend definitely contributed to my happiness, though! We got Mongolian for dinner on Friday, went to a baby shower on Saturday, got the babies ready for Valentine's Day, did a live stream on YouTube yesterday (which was seriously SO fun), then played outside in the snow and sunshine for a bit! It went way too fast, but it was nice to spend some quality time with Brandon, and have a productive but relaxing weekend.

I hope all of you had a nice weekend! Get ready for a sixteen week bumpdate coming at you tomorrow!

Valentines day at cemetery.jpg