52 Lists - Week 1

Adobe Spark.jpg

The list for week one asked what things make me happy right now. When I started writing the list, the first things that came to mind were sleeping and food, which tells you a lot about where I'm at in life/pregnancy right now haha. Following those were playing with the cats, hanging out with Brandon, and making memories with our babies (not necessarily in that order). As the week progressed, I tried to focus on the things that brought me joy each day. I made time to sit and play with the cats, without the tv on and without my phone near me. When Brandon got home from work, I'd leave my phone upstairs or in the kitchen, and give my full attention to hearing about his day. 

I noticed that, the more attention I gave to activities that I enjoyed, the more satisfaction they gave me. Rather than playing a game on my phone and watching a show, I would do one or the other. It didn't stress me out as much, trying to enjoy one thing instead of two. Maybe this is something that people already knew, but it was new to me!

At first, I was kind of disappointed in the list of things that make me happy, but seeing the list is just another reminder that my priorities have changed since we lost Carter. I don't need a lot of little things to make me happy, I just need my little family. My goal moving forward from week one has been to keep focusing on the things that do make me happy, and make sure I am giving them the attention they deserve.