I am Kevin.

I wrote this post back in February, and wasn't sure if I should post it. If you've never seen the office, you might not appreciate it, but I needed a good laugh today, so here it is.


If you have never watched The Office, stop reading this immediately and come back when you have finished all 201 episodes.

Done? Very good.

The other day I was having a hard time, you know, the usual, and all of a sudden a super inappropriate metaphor popped into my head. The episode where Kevin runs over the turtle was all I could think about, and I honestly couldn't help but laugh. I just thought to myself, "I am the turtle, and I am also Kevin." In case you didn't actually watch it, here's a recap: Kevin runs over a turtle, tries to glue his shell back together, then accidentally breaks the shell again when reaching for the glue. I'm like Kevin, just sweet spirited and filled with good intentions, but I can't quite get it right. And as for me being the turtle....I think that's pretty self explanatory.

So I shared this with Brandon, and he proceeded to send me a gif of Kevin spilling the chili, which is second saddest only to the turtle. The elevator is broken, so he carries the stupid pot of chili all the way up the stairs, tries to adjust as he enters the office, and dumps the chili all over the floor. Then he scrambles, knee deep in chili, and tries to put it all back into the pot. This time, I'm still Kevin, but my life is the chili. 


I watch these moments and just cringe and laugh and feel bad for Kevin all at the same time, and it's just so symbolic of my life. Sometimes, life is so crappy that you just have to laugh. I just keep thinking "bring it on, world." It might take me a while to get the pieces just right, or to get most of the chili back in the pot, but I'll get there. I'm too determined not to. We all drop our chili every once in a while (sounds gross but I promise I'm just talking about Kevin), but we just have to do our best to scoop it back in, and use any help we can get. Including that of a clipboard.