The Parts of 2017 We Didn't Share

I wrote our year in review a few days ago, but there were a few things I left out.

Before we left for Vermont, I thought I was pregnant. I took a bunch of tests, and they were all negative. When we got home, I took a bunch of tests. Still negative. The week of Carter's birthday, I told myself I couldn't take any tests from like, Tuesday through Friday that week. I didn't want to take a test too close to or on Carter's birthday. The first three I took that week were negative. The morning we were leaving for Disneyland, I wanted to take a test, just to be sure. As I rolled out of bed, I told Brandon "it is going to be negative, so don't get your hopes up."

It was positive.

It was very faint, to the point that we were just confused and kind of didn't believe it. But that day at Disney, we didn't ride the big rides, and took it easy just in case. The next day when we got home, I took another test. It was slightly less faint than the first one. And the day after that, there were two solid pink lines. Holy crap.

We didn't tell anybody at all for two weeks. Not even our doctor. I had an idea of how far along we were, but wasn't positive. I kept track of the weeks by saying "well, we could either be this far along, or maybe just this far along." After two weeks of still being pregnant, we called the doctor and scheduled an appointment. We went in three weeks later, and everything was so good. We had passed the time where we had miscarried the last time, which was reassuring, but i was still so nervous before going it. We got into the ultrasound room through, and everything was seriously perfect. The heartbeat was strong, the baby looked good, and we even got to watch it wiggle!

The week after our appointment, I got my blood drawn for the genetic testing. After the blood draw, I didn't feel anxious still, but boy was I feeling impatient!! The last time we did the genetic testing it only took a week for us to get the results back. I monitored the site all day every day just waiting, even though I knew it would take at least seven days. When the following Monday came to a close, I had assumed the results were going to take a bit longer than the previous time. But at 5:30 pm, my doctor's name showed up on my caller id, and we both started freaking out haha. When he told me he got the test results, I said "are they good or bad?" He said, "they are good, really good actually." He said that all the things they tested for came back negative, and that we had a healthy little baby. And then he asked if we wanted to know the gender...


Brandon and I both thought it was a girl, which we knew meant it was probably a boy, but we were still a little surprised. When we were pregnant the second time, I was terrified that it would be a boy, because I knew it would be hard. Now that it has been a year since we lost Carter, the idea of having another boy isn't as scary. We love this little guy so much, and are so excited to meet him! Our due date is July 10th, but we will be induced at 37 weeks, so around June 19th. It can't come fast enough!

Every single day we are both so grateful to be pregnant. It still is hard to believe that we are here, thirteen weeks pregnant. It seems like a long time coming, and we are going to appreciate every single second.

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