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The second full day of vacation was so much fun! We left Stowe relatively early, and started to make our way down to Connecticut. Before we left for the trip, Brandon had found an article about the best drives to take to see fall foliage in New England. He worked his magic and pieced our drive together, making it so we could take three of the seven suggested routes! We didn't get on the highway at all for this drive, which was so awesome. It was beautiful. It ended up taking us about nine hours (as opposed to the four or five it would have taken us on the freeway), but we stopped quite a few times to stretch our legs. 

Our first stop put us somewhere on the Appalachian Trail! There was a cute little path that led us back to a waterfall, and when Brandon saw the signs for the trail, he was pretty excited! We hung out there for a little bit before continuing on. Later, we stopped at a pretty lake to fly the drone and just get out of the car for a bit. At one point, we pulled over to drive through a covered bridge and found some horses we could pet/feed! We were at pretty high elevation most of the time, and it was crazy to see how many houses were built so high up, and in the middle of nowhere! But seeing all the colors behind these houses made me understand why people wanted to live/vacation there. It was also fun to drive through all the little towns. It reminded me of something out of the movies!

We drove from Stowe, Vermont through Massachusetts to Litchfield, Connecticut. Our hotel wasn't in Litchfield, but I had read that it was one of the best places to go, so we stopped there first. At first glance, the colors weren't quite as vibrant as they had been in Stowe, but I got a glimpse of a big grove of red, so we pulled over and Brandon flew the drone and HOLY MOLY YOU GUYS. It was so pretty. We couldn't walk back into the pretty section, and what we could see of it with our own eyes didn't do it nearly enough justice. I'm so glad we had the drone there to film it because it was seriously breathtaking! It was the perfect way to end our night.

Watch the vlog about our day below or on our YouTube channel!

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