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Our final day of vacation was so perfect. We headed straight to the beach first thing in the morning, and it was seriously such good weather! It was only an hour drive from our hotel, so it was probably 10:30 or 11:00 when we got there. The sun was shiny, it was warm, and there was hardly anybody there! We walked on the sand, flew the drone some more, and checked out the lighthouse that was there! There was an old wooden carousel that I was really excited to see, but unfortunately it was closed for the season, and it was locked up. But it was still so fun! We hung out there for about an hour, until we decided we needed to keep moving in order to make it to our next destination on time.

We got to Essex a little early, and stopped for lunch at a quaint little bakery/cafe on the edge of town. After, we drove to the railroad station, and rode the Essex Steam Train!! It is an old train that they still have running on just a small section of railroad, and it was awesome! We rode the train up to the riverboat dock, and then we got to ride the riverboat! We rode the train and riverboat for about an hour each, and it was so pretty on both.

That night we drove back down to the beach to watch the sunset. I think that was my favorite part of the whole vacation. We went to a small beach near a private community, and there was only a handful of people there. They all seemed to know each other, which made it fun for us, because they were all super friendly. We stayed until the sun was almost completely down, and it started to get cold. 

After that we just drove to our hotel near the Hartford Airport, but I was so glad we ended the trip the way we did. It was a really nice getaway, and the whole thing was very calm and serene, something I think we both needed in the middle of a hard month. Everything, from the fall colors to the beach, was absolutely beautiful, and I would highly recommend visiting Vermont and Connecticut in the fall if you can!

And again, you can watch our vlog of this day here and on YouTube!

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