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Our quick trip to New England was so much fun! We flew in to Burlington, Vermont and headed straight to Stowe, where we stayed at the Golden Eagle Resort. We stopped at the Ben & Jerry's factory on our way to Stowe to take a tour and sample some ice cream, then got dinner before going to bed. It got dark around 6:30, so by 8:30 (still only 6:30 at home though) we were exhausted. 

The next morning, we woke up to the feeling of 100% fall. Our room backed up to trees and a small pond, and there were gold and red leaves EVERYWHERE. We got dutch pancakes for breakfast, then drove down all sorts of back roads, stopping occasionally to take pictures and fly the drone. For lunch, we went to Cold Hollow Cider Mill to have apple cider and cider donuts. We got a few extra, just in case we got hungry for them later (which of course, we did). After driving around some more, we found little park to stop and hang out at. It was right next to a river, had a lot of bridges, and backed up to a corn maze! Brandon flew the drone some more, and we basically just walked around and took pictures until it was too cold.

For dinner we went to Trattoria La Festa. This was after going back to Ben & Jerry's, of course. But it was so good! Stowe is just a cute little resort town with lots of little restaurants in the middle of nowhere, and this place was no exception. But holy crap it was good! We ate, then went back to the hotel to try and get a lot of sleep before our upcoming day full of driving!

You can watch the vlogs that Brandon put together about the first two days of our trip below or on our YouTube Channel.


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