What a week(end).

You know how when someone's couch has an imprint of their butt on it, and you're supposed to be all like "oh wow, that person spends far too much time in front of their tv. they should get a hobby, they should go outside, they need friends..." Well I ignored all that negative self talk this weekend, and while I didn't leave a permanent imprint, I did leave the couch looking a little more worn than it was on Thursday, so I have deemed it a successful weekend.

Friday night, we got home from work, thought about going to the gym, laughed and headed immediately to the couch to binge 13 Reasons Why. I think I mentioned it before, but I finished the book on Wednesday last week and didn't know the series was being released on Netflix so soon, so I was pretty excited about it. It's probably not for everything, there is a lot of swearing, some sexual content, and the whole story revolves around a suicide, but I think it is an important story that needs to be told. Anyway! We watched it for like four hours until I fell asleep. I honestly think I only got off the couch to go to the bathroom and put my dishes in the sink haha.

Saturday, we slept in for a little bit, then took our time getting ready before running a few errands. Saturday was Sophie's birthday, so we kind of spoiled her all day (as much as you can spoil a cat anyway). She turned six, which is super crazy to me, because that means that Brandon and I have been married for almost six years! Anyway. We did spend some time outside on Saturday (with the cats, that was part of Sophie's birthday treat) and even went for a little walk! We didn't even turn on the tv until that evening, but once we did, we didn't move for the rest of the night. We still haven't finished 13 Reasons Why, but we definitely put a dent in the season.

We woke up early yesterday morning to rain, and enjoyed our morning before driving up to Logan again. Brandon's side of the family was having a big family dinner, so we drove up a little early to see Carter, then went to dinner. The whole drive up was pretty dreary, but when we got to the cemetery, the sky cleared and it was so sunny! I love that the blue skies always come out when we're with him. I have found that I really associate that color with Carter, so it makes me feel like he's there when the sky is so blue and I love it. The family dinner was so much fun that we didn't even notice how late it had gotten until almost eight. It's not a terribly long drive back home from Logan, but apparently long enough that Brandon needed a Dr. Pepper to keep him awake! We're old ladies that like to go to bed early, it's fine.

I feel like this post was just kind of rambly, but I honestly just had a really good weekend, despite how emotionally difficult last week was. I think we both really needed a weekend where we could relax and just be together, and spend a little time resting our brains and our hearts. Next weekend will be a little more exciting with not as much time to rest! Have a good week!