The importance of flight.

I wrote this post on our way home from Amsterdam, and still think about this day a lot. I'm so grateful for these little signs from our babies!

Being on vacation for a week was hard. It was super fun, don't get me wrong, but it was hard to be away from home and our boy for so long. I feel him the most at home, and that feeling fades just a little whenever I leave the house. After days of no routine, little sleep, and anxiety from just being outside my current comfort zone, I broke down. I just wanted to go home and be with him.

One night, while I laid in bed for hours trying to fall asleep, I asked to be given a sign that he was there with us. Actually, I kind of begged. I just needed something. The next day, there was nothing. I went back to the hotel sad, but still hoping that something would show up.

That night, I got the most sleep of the entire trip. The next afternoon, we were wandering around the Amsterdam City museum, learning about the history of the city, and saw this little beauty on the wall:


I didn't read the rest of the timeline, so I'm not sure why the Wright brothers were so crucial to the development of Amsterdam, but that was my sign. The last time I had given the Wright brothers any thought was at the air and space museum, which is where we found Carter's middle name, Mckay. Airplanes have played a far more significant role in his little life than I ever would have imagined! I just stood there, staring at the plane, and cried. It was such a special little gift to be given on a day I needed it most!

Fast forward twenty minutes later, when we were trying to find dinner, and I found a restaurant called Carter. We didn't go there, but it was still fun to see his name on my map! 

We sure do miss our little guy, but It's always nice to have these little signs pop up, or to hear that other people are thinking of him!