Crying over spilled fruit.

The original draft of this post was titled "all the hormones" which basically explains the current title. Last night we went to the store to buy a few groceries, and I decided that chocolate covered strawberries and bananas sounded sooo good. We went home, dipped the fruit, ate dinner, then watched tv for a bit before we decided it was time for dessert. I had to run downstairs real quick to use the bathroom (story of my life lately), and Brandon started down the stairs right as I was going up them, and we heard a loud crash. Went upstairs to find that Milo had pulled the parchment paper down, and the fruit was all over the floor. I started to help Brandon clean it up, then just got way too sad about the whole situation and cried for literally ten minutes. I swear, these hormones are going to kill me.

Past that, I have been feeling pretty emotional about a lot of things lately. Our hospital bags are packed, so I'm excited to meet the babe and see his cute face and give him a name! We've been talking a lot about how our holiday season will be different having the little guy in our house, spending it as a family of three rather than the two of us combined with our extended family. It will be quiet and peaceful and snuggly (hopefully), and we're looking forward to the change. Despite all these aches and pains that accompany the third trimester, I am feeling really grateful for my body lately, and all the things it has done to care for and protect the baby. It really is the strangest, coolest thing. That being said, I'm super looking forward to being able to work out again. I know it will be the middle of winter, but as soon as the doctor clears me, I'm getting a gym membership and getting my butt back in shape.

These past 36 (what?) weeks have gone so fast, and there are a lot of things that have been great about them, and a few things that have just been mediocre, but I'll tell you what, I'm looking forward to not having quite so many emotions, at least not about silly things like dessert falling on the floor.

PS. Sorry all my pictures are just lame mirror selfies. I don't like asking Brandon to take pictures!!