24 Week Bumpdate

March 20, 2018

Little Hudson! Another week has gone by and you are getting bigger and stronger!! I can’t believe we are 24 weeks today. It has been really fun to look back at pictures from when I was this pregnant with Carter, because I was finally starting to show, and we started documenting it more. I love putting the pictures side by side. My two boys. I just love it. I’m currently wearing maternity jeans and a maternity top, and I feel very cute, comfortable, and pregnant. I feel less inclined to hide my belly now that it looks more like a pregnant belly instead of just a food baby!

This last week has been so much fun with you. You have been so wiggly, and seem to have moved up a little more, which makes it easier for dad to feel you. The other day we were at a movie, and you wiggled pretty hard for about half an hour! You did it the other night at home too. It’s so fun, and it’s awesome that your dad has been able to feel you so much! I even caught a little bit of movement on camera! I can tell that you are growing (even though I don’t feel like my stomach is growing a ton) just because of how big your movements have gotten!

We bought a couple more things for the nursery, and got another round of clothes (possibly the last?) for you. We bought a ton of Disney gear for you to wear when we take you this year! I had a really hard time one night this last week when I was thinking about redoing the nursery. I think that is going to be the next big hurdle for me. I feel like, when we change the room, we’re replacing Carter. I know we’d be moving him into a different room anyway, but it’s still hard to think about.

I went to Costa Vida today for lunch, and the lady that is always there noticed that I was pregnant. She asked if you were our first, and after a moment of panic, I told her you are our third. Your dad is really good at just answering the question and moving on, but other things always pop into my head. For example, if you are our third, where were the other two? Why weren’t they with me? I just wonder if other people think about that when we answer their questions. But then she asked if our kids were boys or girls, so I told her we had a boy and a girl, and that you are a boy. I know you’ll be the first child that we get to bring home, but I love to remember that you have an older brother and sister that I know quite well. I know that you know them too. Even though the three of you won’t get to spend time together in our home, I know you have already formed a bond that will outlast anything.

It has been a whole week since we got to see your cute face last, and I am ready to see it again! We have an appointment next week, so hopefully we will get to see you then! Keep moving around like crazy, and keep growing!! We love you!

How far along: 24 weeks!!
Baby is the size of: a cantaloupe!! What the heck!! That’s a big fruit!!!
Total weight gain: 15 pounds. ish.
Maternity clothes: Yes! And embracing them! Or trying to anyway.
Sleep: Too many dreams!!!!!! The dreams keep me up too much. And also last night I got up to go to the bathroom five times. So there’s that.
Best moment this week: Feeling you move SO MUCH!
Movement: All the time!! You are getting pretty consistent too!
Food cravings: I don’t ever want to eat anything besides brownies. It’s so frustrating.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not this week!
Have you started to show yet: Yes and it’s so cute!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody moody moody.
Looking forward to: our next doctor’s appointment! - this hasn’t changed in like five weeks haha.

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