52 Lists - Week 6

Last week's list asked for things from my past and present that feel like blockades in the way of my happiness. There were a few things from my past that I still struggle with, but I won't delve into those. Presently, I would say that my grief is my biggest roadblock. It has given me social anxiety, has taken away my naivete and my belief in the good of the world, and has made me angry. Overall, the grief just comes from a really sad situation, and even though I still have good, happy days, that grief is the one thing that can bring me down.

There is a take action box at the bottom of the list that asks me to look back at week five's list and see if any of my past great decisions can influence how I handle these roadblocks. Looking back at that list showed me that even in my occasional struggles for happiness, I should still be confident in the decisions I make. Everything that has happened in my life has made me who I am, and this grief, and any other roadblocks, are a part of who I am as well. Whether I overcome them entirely, or work through them my whole life, they are a part of my journey to happiness.

This week's list asks for the greatest compliments and encouragment you've ever been given. Have a nice President's Day, and a great week. See you back here next time!

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