15 Week Bumpdate

January 16, 2018

Little man!

Today we are fifteen weeks! It’s still weird to me that I get to write these and share them. I get to write them. And share them. The last time we were fifteen weeks pregnant was 20 months ago. That’s so crazy. Over the weekend, we hit fourteen weeks and five days, which is a big deal. The last time we were fourteen weeks and five days, we lost your sister. I’ve been looking at the last picture we had together a lot, and wondering how different today could be if she was here. But then we wouldn’t have you. Or maybe we would, just maybe not fifteen weeks. Ugh. I have so many feelings.

BUT!! I am feeling so grateful to have you here with us today, and for you to be safely nestled in my belly. Over the weekend, we could have been hit by a car, but thankfully your dad has quick relfexes and stopped before the truck blew through the intersection. Because I’m a nervous wreck, we went in for an ultrasound yesterday afternoon, and you still look so good!

Twice in the past week or so I have almost called you by the name we have picked out for now. I keep saying that it could change, but at some point, I’ll probably slip, and then it will be stuck forever. Your dad says that it can still change, even if I call you by this name, but if we start calling you that, then it’s a done deal for me! We’ll give it a few more months and see how we feel.

As far as fifteen weeks symptoms go, I feel like I’m all over the place. One minute I’m cranky, the next I’m so happy, the next I’m crying for who knows what reason. Seriously, sometimes I just cry. Food has been really hard lately (and sometimes the reason for crying) because nothing really sounds good. The only two things that consistently sound good are cheeseburgers and ice cream. I’m doing a good job eating healthy for you, but some days it’s so hard! I still haven’t been sleeping well either. I feel like when I am asleep, I sleep really well, but I wake up a lot because of dreams or because I have to go to the bathroom. And then I usually wake up from about 3:30 to 5:00, then fall back asleep and sleep in later than I’d like to. My dreams have been really stressful, and I think that’s what keeps me up.

Last night I had a dream that you were here, and I had no way to feed you. I couldn’t breastfeed, and every time I looked for formula, I only found tea! When I woke up, I felt like I needed to go to the store right then. Luckily for your dad, I rationalized and told myself I could just order some in the morning haha.

We only have 22 more weeks until we get to meet you! In 3 and a half weeks, we will be halfway! Stay safe, and help make the time go faster!!
Baby is the size of: an orange!
Total weight gain: hahaha. Eight pounds according to our scale, but I’m hoping it was just the ice cream.
Maternity clothes: I wore maternity pants for the first time this weekend! Just under the belly ones. They are weird.
Sleep: Bad. Too many crazy dreams!
Best moment this week: Getting to watch you wiggle on the ultrasound.
Movement: Lately I can’t tell what is movement and what is just gas haha.
Food cravings: Ice cream!!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, thankfully!
Have you started to show yet: Yep!
Gender: BOY!!!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Still moody.
Looking forward to: Two weeks until our next appointment!