Ten Things

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I have nothing cohesive to talk about, so here's ten things about this week.

  1. This week has been crazy busy. Between running errands, Brandon having a late meeting, and me getting sick again, we have been trying our best to function at 100% when we can really only give like 20% haha.
  2. We get to donate the CuddleCot in TWO DAYS!! It feels weird to be excited about it, but we are glad we get to help other families.
  3. Along those lines, I've had over 45 people leave their angel baby's names on my instagram post and I am so glad we will be able to have those babies names near us as we donate the cot.
  4. We're trying to finish up our Christmas shopping for Brandon's side so we can leave the gifts with them when we go up on Friday. Anyone else having a hard time shopping for people this year??
  5. I've watched two Hallmark Christmas movies this week that I actually liked. Switched for Christmas, and Miss Christmas. I fell asleep during Miss Christmas, and actually went back and finished it later haha.
  6. Being sick is the worst.
  7. My new favorite thing is how much Milo loves my toothbrush. Anytime I sit down while I'm brushing my teeth, he comes to sit on my lap immediately and starts playing with the toothbrush while it's in my mouth. He's weird.
  8. I get to pay for the second CuddleCot tomorrow! The refund finally came through, so tomorrow I will go to the bank and transfer the money to the manufacturer.
  9. We made red velvet cookies on Sunday and I'm wondering how soon is too soon to make peanut butter blossoms...
  10. Have we mentioned how much we love our fireplace? Every night we turn it on, and turn on the Christmas tree lights while we watch a movie and have hot cocoa. It is the best!

That's all for today! There may or not be a post on Friday. I will only be at work for three hours before we head to Logan, so I will see what I can do! Happy hump-day!

Here's a couple of our recent vlogs for your enjoyment!