The Last Monday

Today has been a rough day. 

We got home from Boise last night around 9:00, which is much later than we usually get home. After unpacking and hanging out with the cats, we got a snack, and waited for my cousin to get back to our house (he's staying with us for a week and a half), then sat around and talked for a while. This morning came far too quickly, and neither of us were ready to get out of bed when the alarm went off. But we got up, got ready, and left for work.

Literally, the second I got to my desk, I realized what today should have been. Today should have been my last Monday before leaving my job. I should be frantically prepping to bring home baby number two, anxiously awaiting our induction date. I realized this morning that I have to get something for my boss for Bosses Day, a day I didn't think I would be here for, because it falls two days before the day we planned to have our little bean.

Dwelling on this doesn't change anything, I know that. It doesn't make it better. I'm just having a hard day. With Carter's birthday coming up, and the date we had anticipated having little's just a lot to handle, especially on a Monday with little sleep.

Isn't it strange how much you can miss someone you barely even knew?