A few important things.

  • I am going to be posting a lot this month. Not only is Carter's birthday this month, but it is also Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Below you will see the visual for the Capture Your Grief project. Normally, this is a photo project, but I'm turning it into a blogging project. I will be sharing one post each day that coincides with the prompt for that day. If you are a loss parents, I invite you to participate in this project, and share your grief journey with the world.
  • In addition to these posts, I will still be sharing regular updates about our life and Flying for Time. I will also be posting quite a few things the week of Carter's birthday. Sorry in advance, but I just thought I should warn you!
  • That being said, we will be restructuring the blog soon (to keep those posts separate from everything else), so bear with us as we make these changes.
  • We will be posting new inventory in our Flying for Time section very soon!! We already have about $500 to put toward the second CuddleCot, and are hoping the new inventory will help us reach our goal faster. If you are unable to donate, we appreciate you just spreading the word!
  • Don't get mad that I'm posting so much. Please. I'll try and limit it to two posts per day, but ten posts (at most) in a seven day period. No guarantees though. I like writing. Sorry.
  • I think that's it for now. Not going to lie, I really love posts like these. They make me feel like I'm conducting a business meeting that all of you are a part of. Only I am the one doing the business, and you guys get to just sit patiently and wait for all of the above things to happen. Regardless, let's pretend like we're putting our hands in and saying "break" okay? I like the idea of that.
  • Break on three. One, two, three...BREAK!