Friday again??

It seems like just yesterday I was complaining about having to go back to work, and  now here I am, three weeks done already. The last few weeks have been a little busy, which is normal for us, but also so fun! Brandon went to New Orleans for the first few days but since he got home we have been trying to soak up the last little bit of summer before the cooler weather starts to hit. We went to Aggie Night at the Bee's baseball game, went to a balloon launch and the glow later that night, made smores, and went for a nice little walk around the lake in Daybreak last night. It's finally not blazing hot, so I can actually stand to go outside at night for longer than five minutes, thankfully. I have been so tired lately, and I feel like all I want to do after work is lay around and then just go to bed at like 8:30, so I'm grateful for the nights that we can venture outside!

We also have been busy busy busy getting the babe's room ready for him! The crib and dresser were set up before the end of July, but since then we have bought some art for his walls, a changing pad, and an 8 cube shelf for his closet with some cute bins. I can't wait to stuff those bins full of toys. We already have a few books for him on the shelf, and I just am getting more and more excited every day. We're kind of in the home stretch now; third trimester, and Wednesday next week means we only have ten weeks left!  It's so crazy. All the teachers back at work keep telling me how cute my bump is, but I just am more excited to see how cute our little guy is. We don't have another appointment for a few weeks, but I know it will come quick with our busy schedule coming up. 

This weekend is our five year anniversary! I can't believe it has already been five years; where does the time go? We're celebrating by picking up the rocker for the nursery, probably Costa, and maybe a movie. My little brother is relocating to Logan on Sunday, so we're going to meet my family there and help him move in! Next weekend we have a wedding to go to, and the weekend after that my other brother is getting married (!!!) and honestly before we know it, it's going to be October. Life is crazy, but I can't wait for everything we have coming up!