You know you're from Idaho when...

Pregnancy is the most bizarre thing I will probably ever experience in my whole life. Now that we are out of the first trimester (15 weeks today!), I actually am feeling pretty normal. Sometimes I actually even forget that I'm pregnant! Then this little pooch that hangs over my pants reminds me, but anyway. The first trimester was weird because I just felt like the laziest person in all of America. I was too tired to do literally anything, so I just came to work, then went home and immediately changed into sweats, then spent the rest of the night watching tv until it was time for bed. Brandon did so much cleaning and cooking, and I felt so bad! Besides growing a tiny human inside of me (which is still weird to think about), I hardly did anything at all. SO glad the fatigue is gone!!

The actual weirdest thing to me though has been the food cravings. I didn't have cravings very often-that ice cream and pickle juice phase is still to come-but when I did have a craving it was all I could focus on. It was so frustrating, because I usually am very good about what I eat and having control of my appetite and all that, but with cravings, all self control was gone. I wanted something and I needed it right then. The worst one I remember was for Jamba Juice at eight thirty at night on a Sunday. Of course they close at eight on a Sunday, and of course I was already in bed, but still. I wanted a smoothie!!

Anyway, the prominent craving for about the past month or so has been tater tots or hashbrowns. It's all I want to eat. When we were at my parents' house a couple weeks ago, I had three hashbrown patties for lunch. That's it. This morning, someone set a tray of tots down on my desk and it took all I had not to steal one off their tray. It's bad. I know they say that lots of women crave fried food when they are pregnant, I feel a sort of pride with this one. Even though the baby is in Utah (with me, obviously), it knows its true Idaho roots. So you just keep craving those potatoes, baby. I will happily oblige.