Mind Control.

So, long story short, we are doing this thing at my school in which we are divided into teams, and then are given different tasks that we have to do, all in an effort to gain the admiration of Pat Turkbayer (an alias for our principal, who has apparently been in hiding because she knew too much) so that she will pass on all her secrets regarding mind control. So that we can use it for good, of course.  It's kind of strange, but we're rolling with it because we only have three and a half weeks left of school, we have to have something to get us through this last stretch.

Anyway, today's task was to do something nice for another team. One team brought us bagels, which was fantastic timing because I was starving, but another team did this:


Isn't that so nice? I saw it and just started crying. It doesn't take much to make me cry lately (or ever, really, but I'm blaming the hormones) but seriously how sweet is that?! It's fun for me that other people are excited about the baby too, not just me and Brandon.

It also was just really nice because I have been missing the kids and staff at my old school so much. It was nice to feel like I'm actually a part of the community. The teachers are all really close because there are so many of them that work in one classroom together, but being stuck down here in the office makes it harder for me to get to know them. Even though they did it in an attempt to win the mind control secrets, it still made my whole day!