Let's talk about Paris.

Brandon and I went to Paris back in December, but there's hardly a day that goes by that we don't say "remember how we ate all the crepes in Paris?" or "remember how creepy the catacombs were?". Brandon's brother and his wife just got back from a glorious fourteen days in Europe (at least I'm assuming they were glorious. their pictures sure were.). Among their days in London and Italy, they spent just a few short days in Paris, and their stories practically have our hands hovering over the mouse ready to book a trip back.

Since the trip has all been blogged before, I'll just cover a few highlights. Starting with food, obviously, because that is the most important component of any trip. Some days I'm disappointed that we didn't gain more weight in Paris. I mean, I didn't make the rule about at least one crepe and one dessert per day for nothing! We ate wayyy too many eclairs (yet at the same time, not enough), and sampled all the best crepes. Our favorite places we ate were L'&quilibre, a wine and tapas bar just a few streets away from the Palace of Versailles, and Paul, a chain that had by far the best almond croissant of our entire lives. The coolest thing is, James and Candis ate at both of the Paul's that we ate at!! And yes, it was good enough to go twice.

My personal favorite place we went was probably...shoot I can't even choose! Everything in Paris was just so magical and romantic. I loved Sacre Couer, and also being at the top of the Montparnasse Tower our first night there, watching the Eiffel Tower glitter in the dark, but my favorite thing was mostly just walking around Paris. We loved watching the city wake up, and being able to explore it at night when everyone was sleeping. 

Our full itinerary is on our old blog, but I may have to repost it all on here. It's all too good not to share again. We just can't seem to shake this travel bug!!