Before we found out I was pregnant, I didn't pay much attention to what I ate. I didn't eat poorly, by any means, but I also didn't put that much thought into exactly how much of which nutrients I was putting into my body every day. Jump ahead to finding out I was pregnant, and I knew immediately that I needed to up my daily calorie intake, and make sure I was getting enough fruits and veggies to help baby grow. Because as much as I wish it was, pizza isn't quite the superfood that baby needs.

Lucky for me, I have been craving a ton of citrus throughout these first few months so smoothies seemed like the perfect way to work in some more fruits and veggies, and also a little protein! I haven't gone crazy with the greens yet, but below is the easy smoothie recipe I have been using for the past two weeks!

1 cup water
1 cup spinach
1 heaping spoonful of Greek yogurt
1-2 cups of frozen fruit
1 banana

If I had a bigger cup, I would double the recipe and bring it all for myself, but Brandon has been trying to eat better too, so we double it and then each take some to work with us. We bought a giant bag of frozen fruit from Walmart, and usually add a banana or kiwi, and if we're feeling really crazy, we substitute half of the water for a half cup of apple juice. We really know how to live life on the edge. 

What are your favorite green smoothie recipes? I'm dying to try something new!