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This weekend went by way too fast. We spent time with friends, went to a movie, did some shopping, and napped, twice. I always hate when weekends speed by, but I am so happy that Monday is finally over, and tomorrow is almost here! Tomorrow we find out the gender of our little nugget!! We've had the appointment set for a week and a half, but it has taken f  o  r  e  v  e  r.  I had a dream last night that we went to our appointment. Like, finished out the appointment, found out the gender and everything. I was so disappointed when I woke up. 

Anyway, we bought our first (costco-size) box of diapers yesterday to get us pumped for tomorrow. I am so excited to just know what we're having so we can start shopping! We have thought for a while now that baby is a girl, even though lots of people tell us the odds are against us since Brandon is one of four boys, but we're holding out hope! Actually, we just hope the baby is healthy, but I think we would be really shocked if it ends up being a boy. And we'd have a lot of apologizing to do, because I keep calling the babe "she." I've heard from my mom and grandma (and kind of my dad? he referred to the babe many times as both genders in the course of a few days), but I'm curious if anyone else thinks one way or the other for us. You'll all find out on Saturday!!

What will it be?!?

And for your entertainment, here's a baby picture of Brandon and myself.