A novel update.

Sometimes I feel like the things I write about on here are better suited for a private blog that no one else needs to read, because basically it's just me spewing out my feelings and no one probably actually cares. So if you're reading this, thanks for caring. Or at least pretending to care.

My goal for this summer was to finalize my novel and get a few query letters sent out to agents. After spending a nice couple days with family in Idaho Falls, I decided to hit it hard today and get the letter knocked out so that when I'm ready, I can customize it to the agent, and send it on it's merry little way. The letter is done, and the thought of it being done is actually kind of freaking me out. I still need to find agents to send it to, and need to edit the book yet again, but the letter is done. For now. This could be the very thing that gets someone to read my manuscript, and possibly get the book published! Ahh!!

While I was writing the letter, I decided to print out a copy of the novel for editing, rather than sitting in front of the computer and doing it electronically. I am super excited to go pick up the copy, because this is the first time it has ever been on paper, besides the little bit of drafting I did in my Taylor Swift notebook during summer school last year. Having that physical copy will just make it seem that much more real. 113,000 glorious words, 150 (single spaced) pages, and it's all mine. 

Anyway, I'm kind of just over here in shock about the fact that I'm actually doing these things, because it all my younger days of answering the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" an author was never my answer. Yet somehow, here I am, hopefully on my way. And ironically enough, the only way I can comprehend what is going on is by writing some more. Weird.

Also, thanks to the people who made this story happen. You know who you are.