The fam comes to SoJo.

This past weekend was definitely a great way to kick off my summer. The weather was kind of crappy, but my family was able to come stay with us, which means we had family time with them two weekends in a row! I'm happy we have gotten to see them so much despite not living in the same town.

They came to Utah on Friday so my brother could go to student orientation at Utah State. He was tired by the end of the day, but he seemed excited too. If anything, all the swag they bought from the bookstore shows just how excited they all are. My parents bought matching Utah State Mom/Dad shirts, how cute is that? And they loaded our little nugget up with gear too, so he's ready for his first Utah State game! 

Friday night we got some ice cream and rented the movie 13 Hours. What I saw of it was good, but I fell asleep. Not surprising. Saturday morning we went to Gardner Village, somewhere I have been wanting to go since we moved here. We were looking for the farmers market there, but it ended up just being one tiny cart, so we walked through all the shops instead. It was the cutest place! I loved all their boutiques, especially the store with all the Christmas decor (does anyone else feel like it should be fall with all this rain and cooler weather?)! Then we went to get tickets for Now You See Me 2, went to Sizzler for lunch before the movie, and after the movie we just went home and relaxed. That night we played games and watched Zootopia, while they tried not to think about their five hour drive the next morning.

They left too early on Sunday, but I loved having them here! It's always fun to share our new home with them since they don't get to be too often. Before we know it, they'll be dropping Adrian off in Logan, then two of their three kids will be in Utah.

It was so weird that night to not have to dread going to work the next day, or worry about getting all the chores done, because I'm officially done with work for the summer!! The next seven weeks are mine to do whatever I please. Brandon took this week off too, so we've been making the most of our days together so far! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

This was the best picture we managed to get all weekend. Excuse the belly, it's pizza, not a baby.

This was the best picture we managed to get all weekend. Excuse the belly, it's pizza, not a baby.