Four months.

It has been four months today.

This is just going to be a quick little catch up. Things have been so busy at work lately that by the time we get home and go to the gym and have dinner, we're wiped out and basically just sit and do nothing haha. I need to get better! I want to either continue working on one of these two novels I've started, or get going on a new one, but some days, between everything going on emotionally and physically, I just don't have it in me.

We kicked off birthday week by going to have cupcakes with Carter at the cemetery. It was freezing, and snowing decently too, but the one thing I knew I wanted to do for my birthday was to go up and have a cupcake with my little man, so we did! We cleaned up the flowers that were there from a couple weeks ago, but had to dig them out from under the snow. Logan has been pounded with snow this year. I feel like every time we go up there is fresh snow on the ground; it's crazy.

After hanging out with Carter for a bit, we went and visited with my friend Jennika, then had lunch with Brandon's siblings and wives. We didn't have anything else going on that afternoon, so we just hung out for a bit. I met Chelsea and her husband at the cemetery a little later, and I meant to take a picture of the things they bought for him but I forgot!! Chels bought him a cute blue little bunny, and Sam bought him a tiny tractor and said "every boy's gotta have a tractor." How cute is that? I love that my friends love Carter so much.

Sunday we did some shopping and tried to just chill. I wanted some quality time with Brandon before I leave for a girls trip on my birthday! 

I don't know what the weather is like everywhere else, but it has been snowing here literally all day and I'm so ready to put my sweats on and watch the bachelor! Happy Monday!