Little brother's wedding.

Almost three years ago during Christmas break, Brandon and I went to Boise to spend the holiday with my family. The older of my two brothers had been dating someone for a few months, and I had yet to meet her, so I was looking forward to that opportunity while we were there. I remember telling him "when I meet her, I'm going to hug her. I don't care if you don't want me to, I'm going to do it." And then I got sick. Like, real sick. So I decided maybe not to infect her with my germs the first time we met. But then she came over to my parents house with her bright, beaming smile, and you know what she said/did? She said "he said you told him you were going to hug me, and I don't care if you're sick" and then she hugged me anyway. The tightest, best hug I've ever been given by a random stranger. And I've loved her so much ever since.

Their wedding day seemed like a long time coming. They have been together almost as long as Brandon and I have been married, and they are inseparable, so for ever it kind of just seemed like they already had been married for a while. Let me tell you, being able to see these two exchange vows and rings and be all dressed up was so great, but nothing will top watching the way they looked at each other and interacted with each other that entire evening. Weddings are always great, but I cried tears of joy seeing how happy the two of them make each other. I'm so so happy for my brother that he found someone that makes him as happy as Brandon makes me. And also so happy that his wife is amazing. We seriously couldn't have asked for anyone better to be a part of our family.

I had to share a few pictures from that day, because I seriously just love looking at how happy they are. They are just cell phone quality, and they really don't do the setting justice, but the setting on the beach wasn't nearly as great as just watching these two be together. Happy marriage, lovebirds.