Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early to drive to Logan so we could watch our sister-in-law, Candis, graduate! We pulled into town a few hours early, and were able to stop in Wellsville and watch one of our (many) favorite cousins dominate in her soccer game. Brandon's family has the oldest of the cousins, and the youngest on that side of the family is four, so it's way fun for us to be able to watch all their games, and do all the fun, kid things with them (like take them to movies, load them up on sugar, then send them home to their parents; that's our favorite). 

We got to the Spectrum early so we could get good seats, and sat only a few rows back, which was nice, especially because Candis ended up sitting/walking on the complete opposite side. Maybe it's just all the baby hormones, but graduation made me super emotional! Brandon and I didn't get to walk at our own graduation, because we technically graduated in December and moved to Boise in March, but also because Brandon was in Denver for training the weekend of our graduation in the spring. It was a ton of fun to be there and support Candis, along with the rest of Brandon's family and her family. She didn't even trip, and we also got free Aggie Ice Cream afterward! Later, we had a nice little family picnic-indoors, due to the rain-and watched her and Brandon open presents. Brandon's for his birthday, of course.

After the picnic, I went to my friend Jennika's house to meet her new baby! Jenn used to live in Salt Lake, but they moved to Logan not too long ago, and after being at her house for two hours last night, I really wish they would just move back down here!! This is her second baby, so she told me all the best things to get for our little nugget.

This was just one of the three graduation's our families have happening this month. Austin, Brandon's brother, graduated on Friday, Candis yesterday, and my baby bro the first weekend in June! All these people are growing up so fast!!